Telluride Adaptive Sports Program
COVID-19 Information Agreement
Winter 2020/2021

TASP reserves the right to and expects to revise these policies throughout the season as San Miguel County Public Health Orders as well as State of Colorado Health Orders and CDC Guidance are more clearly defined, understood and put into practice. TASP also reserves the right to call pause or stop to any lesson or program if we feel the safety of our staff, the participant and/or the general public has reached an unacceptable level. TASP is committed to sharing with you our most up-to-minute policies before engaging with TASP in-person. Please revisit this page as you get closer to your scheduled time with TASP.

For the latest San Miguel County Public Health Orders please check https://www.sanmiguelcountyco.gov/590/Coronavirus

The Telluride Adaptive Sports Program is committed to transparent communication while offering programming during the COVID-19 pandemic. These are challenging and scary times around the world and we firmly believe our programs can be facilitated in measured ways to mitigate possible transmission of COVID-19 during our lessons. Being active, being outside and having opportunities to do so are more critically important now than they ever have been. Participating in TASP programs is an incredibly individualized decision right now and if you feel this is the right time for you to participate, please consider some of the following parameters we have in place that we require for your participation. 

Participation in all TASP programs require adherence to the 5 Commitments of COVID-19 Containment which include; (1) properly wearing over nose and mouth a multi layered face mask, (2) staying home when sick and getting tested, (3) maintain 6-feet of physical distance when possible, (4) minimize group size and (5) wash hands frequently.

Know Before You Go: TASP supports, endorses and practices all efforts put forth by Telluride Ski Resort to communicate and expect accepted new social norms when it comes to skiing at the resort. It is imperative you make yourself aware of the Know Before You Go  communications.

A Note On Multi-layer Cloth Face Coverings/Face Masks and Physical Distancing: Multi-layer cloth face coverings/masks are REQUIRED to be worn by both TASP instructor(s) and participant at all times if indoors, if a physical distance of 6-feet or more can not be maintained outside and/or lesson is traveling through a mandatory mask zone delineated by Telluride Ski Resort, see ‘Know Before You Go’. If participant will not wear a facemask they do not meet the minimum criteria to participate with TASP at this time. All participants are encouraged to have their own cloth face covering/mask but TASP will provide one if participant(s) does not show up with one. TASP will also provide hand sanitizer for participant(s) in and near our facilities.      (CDC link: Choosing the right face mask and properly wearing it

TASP has established student criteria specific to each level. Click here to see the student criteria.

San Miguel County updated Level Dial to current level on 2/10/21.


1. Criteria for participation in TASP programs this winter starts with referencing the State of Colorado’s COVID-19 Status Dial and our local San Miguel County current level of protection toggle which establishes specific public health orders and incorporates TASP’s phases of remaining open for ski and snowboard lessons for the winter of 20/21. TASP has established specific criteria in addition to our general participation criteria primarily based off of student independence and physical assistance required to ski/ride safely within each phase of staying open. Please call or email our office to speak with a staff member that can help you through this first step assessment process.

*If you are looking to register a lesson weeks and weeks in advance, our current color coded criteria toggle should not discourage you from planning ahead and registering for your lessons, restrictions do and may change. In the event we are not able to facilitate your lesson come lesson date TASP will refund all downpayments (less the $10 registration fee). See full cancellation policy. Due to the uncertainty of the pandemic, TASP encourages the purchase of travel insurance that includes, but is not limited to, travel, lodging, meals, and non-TASP rentals.

2. Please contact the TASP office via phone or email minimum 2-weeks in advance to determine desired date availability. Half day lessons only will be offered at time of registration. Remaining available half day lessons (to create a full-day product) may be offered to you within two weeks of lesson date. Registrations closer in than that will be taken case-by-case. TASP can not facilitate day-of registrations this season due to the amount of time required to gather health information and our ability to assign a professional instructor within a pool of already limited staff.

*Lunch is not provided by TASP nor can lunch be eaten in TASP facilities. Parents/guardians are responsible for lunch time facilitation and supervision. Exceptions may apply for Private Request lessons.

3. If participation criteria can be met and desired dates are available, TASP staff will provide you with a link to our online registration portal, including activity equipment rental information, Waivers and Release of Liability Agreement and lift ticket purchase information.

4. A non-refundable down payment for requested activity date(s) is required at time of registration as well as a one time non-refundable registration  fee. Please see cancellation policy. Your registration is complete once you have received a confirmation from us.

5. We will follow up with you upwards of one week out from your lesson to communicate specific day-of information like parking, arrival meeting location, instructor name, health screening link, etc… 

Participant(s) Health Screening REQUIRED: All participants, including any adult family caregiver, attending the lesson or coming into a TASP facility (phase yellow or better) are required to complete provided online health screening that follows at a minimum the currently accepted CDC symptoms of COVID-19

A link will be provided to you via email or text for our health screening before your first scheduled activity with us. A health screen is required each day of participation with TASP.

Participants who report no covid related symptoms, but who show up with or present as having symptoms at any time during their lesson will be separated from TASP staff and other participants and asked to leave TASP facilities and their lesson will be immediately canceled. TASP will prorate lesson cost by the half hour rounded up.

Temperature Checks REQUIRED: As part of the daily health screening process, there is a section designated for individuals to enter an at-home, self-taken temperature. This is to occur before you come to TASP. If you are traveling from out of town, please be sure to bring a thermometer or check with your accommodation host who may be able to provide this for you. Temperatures of 100.4*F or greater will not be allowed to participate for 72-hours, symptom free and without fever-controlling medications.

Parents, Guardians, Adult Family Caretakers: Must ensure they are in the general vicinity of the lesson or quickly reachable by phone if student care needs are required and can not be facilitated by TASP staff due to physical distancing limitations. This is to include any assistance needed getting ready to ski, in a bathroom, snack time, emotional support, chairlift riding, flu-like symptoms, etc…

Cancellation Policy: Please read our Cancellation & Illness policy.

Transportation: It is the policy of TASP this winter to not transport any participants in TASP owned vehicles or staff owned vehicles. TASP will not ride in participants’ vehicles. TASP staff will not ride in the same gondola cabin as a participant. TASP staff are excited to meet each participant at the activity start location (for ice climbing, nordic skiing, ice skating, etc…) clearly communicated to you pre-trip. For any activity, transportation is the responsibility of the participant. Please refer to (COMING SOON!) our current color coded operational parameters and how each phase dictates chairlift riding.

Instructor(s) Health Screenings REQUIRED: We hold our staff and volunteers to the same health screening standards as our students. Every single paid staff member and volunteer are required to report to the same detail as students every single day they are engaging with TASP. Administrative staff, seasonal paid staff and full-time volunteers are encouraged to COVID-19 test every other week from opening day to closing day. 

Post Participation with TASP: TASP practices the shared responsibility with its participants to communicate and trace any known direct contacts with COVID-19 during our shared time together. It is imperative that communication of this happens immediately! Also, if any individual (including TASP staff) or household family member(s) comes down with COVID-19 symptoms within14-days after participant being with TASP, we encourage testing and are committed to and require communication between TASP and participant/family. Please call our offices immediately and speak with a staff member.