Telluride Adaptive Sports Program
COVID-19 Participant Agreement
Winter 2021/2022

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TASP reserves the right to and expects to revise these policies throughout the winter as guidance may change from San Miguel County Public Health, State of Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). TASP also reserves the right to call pause or stop to any lesson or program if we feel the safety of our staff, the participant and/or the general public has reached an unacceptable level, more below. TASP is committed to sharing with you our most up-to-minute policies before engaging with TASP in-person. Thank you for your attention to all of this and please revisit this page as you get closer to your scheduled time with us.

  • Traveling To Telluride? Know Before You Go!: TASP endorses and practices all efforts to contain the spread of COVID-19 put forth by our greater resort community including the towns of Telluride and Mountain Village, lodging, dining, shopping, gondola and public transportation entities, city and county open space as well as all of our continuing adventure sport partnerships. Spread the love of our region, not the virus by visiting Telluride Tourism Board’s Know Before You Go page.

For the latest San Miguel County Public Health Orders please check here


  • Pre-Lesson and Day-Of Health Screening: All participants, including any adult family caregiver attending the lesson, are required to complete the provided online health screening tool that follows at a minimum the currently accepted CDC symptoms of COVID-19 . This tool will be utilized if symptoms are reported or appear during lesson time to determine eligibility for TASP lessons. Canceled lesson time will be pro-rated to the half hour rounded up.

Getting vaccinated as soon as the opportunity is available is an important way for TASP and its partners to keep from contracting serious disease of COVID-19 and minimizing the potential to spread COVID-19. TASP REQUIRES every staff member and volunteer to be fully vaccinated before their first in-person day at TASP and we encourage booster shot(s) when available. TASP also urges all participants to be vaccinated against COVID-19 as soon as the opportunity is available and prior to registering for a TASP program. At this time we do not require participants to be fully vaccinated for participation in our day programs nor do we require a negative pcr test within a certain timeframe (multi-day camp programs will have individually listed requirements for participation, typically requiring full vaccination status). Below are some of the health and safety layers that we DO REQUIRE, regardless of vaccination status, for your safe participation with us;

The Telluride Adaptive Sports Program has identified 3 specific program areas where we focus our COVID-19 mitigation plan for the safety of all; facilities (indoor space), teaching/lessons (outdoor space) and chairlifts. See each specific area below and how you can best plan for compliance in each area to ensure eligibility for participation.

1. Facilities: TASP owns two facilities in Mountain Village of which we operate our winter programs out of. Each space is considered a shared public space between staff, participants and visitors. Due to current San Miguel County Public Health Orders, multi-layered face masks over nose and mouth are REQUIRED to be worn by everyone in shared public indoor spaces, this includes all TASP offices and vehicles. If participant will not wear a facemask indoors then they will not be allowed inside TASP facilities. If participant needs help maintaining their facemask in proper position, TASP will require an adult family caregiver to join for indoor time or participant will not be allowed inside TASP facilities. One family caregiver is allowed in the facility per participant and he/she must be in compliance of all COVID-19 requirements listed herein. (CDC link: Choosing the right face mask and properly wearing it

    • TASP has reserved the front of its Hotel Madeline Program Office as its primary indoor public TASP student space for this season to boot up, warm up, stash gear for the day, etc… This space is solely intended for a readying, resting and finishing up the day space; this is not a social hang out space. Capacity limits may apply.
    • Overnight gear storage of skis/board, boots and helmet are allowed. No gloves, neck gaiters, outerwear etc please. And please respect the storage space of others.
    • It is the policy of TASP that no employee or instructor is indoors with participants this season, regardless of vaccination status (reasonable exceptions may apply). All lessons will officially begin and end outside one of our facilities, locations TBD and communicated to you pre-lesson.
    • Lunch may not be eaten by any participant in a TASP facility (exceptions may apply). Youth/ward students shall be picked up for lunch with parents/guardians or dropped off at a predetermined location to meet an adult for lunch. TASP instructors can not eat lunch with students. Independent students are more than welcome to eat lunch outside of TASP facilities while keeping a minimum 6-foot physical distance from others in mind.
    • Certain days of the season for specific groups and custom camps this space will be reserved and blocked off for the group. Any other lessons that day, not a part of those groups, will have chairs and space outside our offices to boot-up and drop day bags etc. TASP staff will work hard to notify certain participants on these days where no indoor public space is available. 
    • TASP can not provide direct toileting assistance this season. If a toileting schedule is identified, an adult family caregiver will have to meet the lesson for family help. Indirect toileting prompts and check in’s can be performed by TASP staff and if further needs are identified they will be communicated to the family. 
    • Please help TASP staff by leaving the indoor public space as clean and tidy as you found it. This space will be aired out and disinfected per half day.

2. Teaching/Lessons: All lessons and adventure activities are encouraged to be facilitated and participated in ways that maintain a minimum of 6-feet physical distancing betweed TASP staff and participant(s) for the majority of our time together. Multi layered face masks are optional when 6-feet or more of space between humans is achievable. (Telluride Ski Resort has no required outdoor masking mandates currently)

    • When a physical distance of 6-feet or more can not be maintained outside, TASP staff and participant(s) are REQUIRED to wear over nose and mouth a multi layered face mask. Once 6 plus feet is achievable, use of a facemask is once again optional. If participant will not wear a facemask within 6-feet of TASP instructor or needs help maintaining their facemask in proper position, TASP will require an adult family caregiver to join for close proximity work between TASP instructor and participant to ensure criteria can be met for safe participation
    • Participants who require more constant physical or emotional proximity (constant hugs, handholding, snuggling close, etc) within 6-feet throughout the majority and duration of the lesson will require an adult family caregiver to join and actively participate in the lesson. Please inquire with TASP if your participant may fall in this category. 


3. Chairlift: For the season of 20/21, TASP had a very calculated and reserved approach to chairlift operations with students and we learned so much through multiple strategies. We are very pleased to state that with all the layers of protection mentioned above, this season we look to get back to a more ‘normal’ chairlift procedure with safe physical, emotional and health strategies.

    • Regardless of vaccination status, when a physical distance of 6-feet or more can not be maintained in the lift line or on the lift, TASP staff and participant are REQUIRED to wear over nose and mouth a multi layered face mask. 
    • If 6 plus feet of space can be given in the line and the instructor plus participant can ride end to end on a 4-seater chairlift, facemasks may be optional. This scenario does not present itself on 3 or 2 seater chairlifts therefor facemasks must be worn. 
    • It is the policy of TASP this season to not allow members of the general public on any chairlift ride with a TASP student on it. 
    • TASP instructors can not ride in closed gondola or chondola cabins with participants this season, some exceptions may apply.
  • Post Participation Communication with TASP: TASP is committed to and has practiced conservative tracing of any suspected direct contacts with COVID-19 during our shared adventure time together. It is imperative this communication happens privately, directly and immediately! Please join TASP in these shared communications of any possible positive COVID-19 direct contacts between staff member(s), participant(s) and household members. The CDC defines a close contact as someone who spends 15 minutes or more within six feet of a person with COVID-19 over a period of 24 hours. Tim McGough, Program Director, is TASP’s lead point of contact for all COVID-19 related inquiries or responses. 

Cancellation Policy: Please read our Cancellation & Illness policy.

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