The adaptive ski program began as a department of the Telluride Ski Area Ski School. In 1995, TASP became an independent non-profit and an organized chapter of Disabled Sports/USA, a national network of sports and education programs for people with disabilities. Until 2001 we were predominantly a winter program.

In 2001, TASP launched a summer therapeutic horseback riding program in Ridgway and became a year-round program. After four years, the riding program became so successful that it split into a separate organization. We still work closely with the program and share many of the participants and volunteers. In place of the riding program, we have initiated a multitude of summer activities to meet the growing needs in our regional community. Summer activities include: river rafting, kayaking, cycling, jeep tours, hikes and day outings – working closely with other adaptive sports programs and local guides and outfitters. Our twelve plus years of running successful programs provides us with the experience and knowledge to successfully pilot new activities.