Telluride Adaptive Sports Program

Staff, Volunteer and Participant Health Information
Summer 2023

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The Telluride Adaptive Sports Program (TASP) is excited to offer you our impactful, therapeutic programs this summer in a safe and thoughtful approach as we continue to invite you in for all of our pre-pandemic offerings. By practicing a strict procedural process every single day that allows us to make swift and educated responses around staff and student health and safety, we know we can offer you a high level experience that brings comfort. Below is some detailed information on how TASP continues to manage the highly transmissible COVID-19 variants as well as ‘other’ communicable diseases. We ask that you pay close attention to these details, in a shared relationship with TASP, for these will allow all of us to participate with safety, fun, more FUN and learning as our goals, as always;

  • If you are feeling unwell, please do not come to TASP. If you start feeling unwell during your day at TASP, go home immediately. We feel this one very simple requirement can save everyone a little bit of peace of mind. For more specific guidelines, please CLICK HERE.
  • If you are unwell and are exhibiting any of the classic COVID-19 symptoms, please get tested for COVID-19 and do not return to TASP programming until you meet the current CDC Guidelines
  • The use of high quality face masks is HIGHLY ENCOURAGED but NOT required at this time on TASP programs.
    • TASP does reserve the right to require high quality, medical grade face masks on our programs if caseloads increase and/or our medical advisory team urges us to do so.
  • Though TASP is a proponent for the COVID-19 vaccine and scheduled boosters,  being vaccinated for COVID-19 is NOT currently required for TASP staff and participants.
    • TASP does reserve the right to require COVID-19 vaccine and specific booster(s) if caseloads increase and/or our medical advisory team urges us to do so.
  • COVID-19 testing is currently NOT required for TASP staff and participants to make you eligible for programs.
    • TASP does reserve the right to require COVID-19 testing before day and multi-day programs if caseloads increase and/or our medical advisory team urges us to do so.
  • Testing positive for COVID-19 automatically disqualifies staff, volunteers and participants from participating in TASP programs until you meet the current CDC Guidelines
  • As local, regional and or national COVID-19 caseloads and hospital burden may increase, TASP reserves the right to put in place stricter safety measures in its facilities, vehicles, outside on our programs and general participation guidelines that could include, not all inclusive;
    • Limiting or eliminating indoor space to get ready for trips and wrap up for the day
    • Wearing approved face masks inside our facilities and vehicles
    • Physical distancing inside our facilities
    • Physical distancing outdoors when possible
  • If you have a specific condition or general request for stricter precautions during your time at TASP, please make that request at time of booking. Examples could include requesting a fully vaccinated instructor or co-instructor. Masks to be worn at all times. Meet your guide(s) outdoors. Physically distancing when possible outdoors.
  • Cancellations due directly to COVID-19 will be handled on a case-by-case basis. If you arrive to one of our programs and your time with us has to be canceled due to COVID-19 it is not the responsibility of TASP to reimburse your medical, lodging, transportation, or other related expense needs due to your trip being cut short.

We are all here to support each other through this process. Please, if you have questions or requests, never hesitate to contact our office to speak with Tim McGough, TASP Program Director.