Telluride Adaptive Sports Program

Staff, Volunteer and Guests Health Information

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The Telluride Adaptive Sports Program (TASP) places the health and safety of our staff, community and guests as the highest priority in all of our programs. We implement strict procedures day-to-day advised upon us by our medical consulting team, County health professionals and agencies like the CDC. This allows us to maintain high health and safety standards to limit the risk of transmission for communicable disease amongst our programs.  Below is some detailed information on the expectations we place upon our staff and guests that are intentional, health-first approaches at TASP. 

  • Commonly considered communicable diseases in our community with relatively easy transmission from person-to-person in our time together includes but is not limited to Influenza, Strep Throat, COVID-19 and RSV, just to name a few.
  • If you are feeling unwell and have symptoms commonly associated with the previously mentioned diseases, please do not come to TASP. If symptoms arise and you start feeling unwell during your day at TASP, go home immediately. Staff and guests witnessed to be under burden of disease symptoms will be sent home.
  • As we do not currently require a pre-activity test for communicable disease, please consider self-testing at home before participating at TASP.
  • Attached [HERE] are further guidelines to participating in TASP programs if you have disease symptoms and want to return to regularly scheduled activity.
  • Commonly accepted responses to disease can also be viewed at the current CDC Guidelines
  • The use of high quality, medical grade face masks are not required but always encouraged unless program includes open water components.
  • TASP continues to encourage up-to-date vaccines and boosters for disease but does not require these at this time for participation.
  • As local, regional and or national disease caseloads and hospital burden may increase, TASP reserves the right to put in place stricter safety measures in its facilities, vehicles, outside on our programs and general participation guidelines that may include;
    • Limiting or eliminating indoor shared indoor space between staff and guests
    • Wearing approved face masks 
    • Testing for specific disease before TASP activity
    • Requiring vaccination for specific disease
    • Physical distancing inside our facilities
    • Physical distancing outdoors when possible
  • If you have a specific condition or general request for stricter precautions during your time at TASP, please contact our office or make that request at time of booking. 
  • Cancellations due directly to Influenza, Strep Throat, COVID-19 or RSV will be handled on a case-by-case basis. 
  • If you arrive to one of our programs and your time with us has to be canceled due to illness it is not the responsibility of TASP to reimburse your medical, lodging, transportation or other related expense needs due to your time with us being cut short.

If you have questions or requests, please contact our office to speak with Tim McGough, TASP Ski & Ride Director, in the winter and/or Kyle Calbat, TASP Associate Program Director, in the summer.