• Registration for Summer Activities with TASP is live! Click blue “register now” button below.
  • TASP is proud to be an intentionally smaller adaptive program. This allows us to customize your experience at TASP with a high level of individualized customer service. In doing so, we have a limited number of adaptive instructors per day, especially during high visitation times. Please try to make your reservation as soon as possible, reservations are taken on a first come, first serve basis. Last minute requests or adjustments are extremely difficult to accommodate, our staff will work hard to accommodate all your lesson requests but at times they may not all be possible. With that, many days are already on wait list only. As you register, please read the available days closely but please reach out for further discussion on wait listed dates.
  • For greatest availability, we recommend that you book early season for high volume dates and a minimum of 3 weeks prior to your preferred lesson date for general dates.
  • All food, snacks, lunch and water are the responsibility of participants (& their families) this season.
  • If the participant is presenting any COVID related symptoms we will suspend the planned activity with TASP and refer to CDC guidance for return to activity parameters.
  • Information for registration:
    • Review our Health Information prior to registration.
    • If you would like to discuss what options are right for you, please contact the office at
    • When you register via the link below you will need to complete paperwork, waivers and submit a down payment.
  • We look forward to seeing you this season!
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For further discussions you may also contact Tim, our Program Director, at or call 970-728-3865.

Important Information for all individuals participating with TASP

Program Documentation

Call the office at 970-728-5010 to get the registration process started

Supporting Documentation

Scholarship Form – available online as you submit your registration