An Adaptive Pass is for a person who (1) requires adaptive equipment or adaptive ski techniques in order to ski and (2) is legally blind, deaf, or has an amputation, a permanent disability or cognitive disability. Simply having a disability or illness alone does not meet the criteria for an Adaptive Pass. Both aspects of the criteria must be met for an Adaptive Pass to be issued. Telluride Adaptive Sports Program (TASP) will review each application and, based on the information provided and to the best of its ability determine eligibility for an Adaptive Pass. If you choose to not completely answer the questions on the application, you may not be eligible for an Adaptive Pass. TASP and Telluride Ski Resort shall not be responsible for further investigation and shall not be liable to applicants or any other party for errors in judgment, the exercise of discretion or the acts or omissions of others.

The following conditions may constitute a disability that qualifies for an Adaptive Pass.

Blind: Legally blind (20/200 in the good eye) to totally blind. Individuals with one good eye are not Adaptive Pass candidates. Physician diagnosis may be required if there are any questions.

Amputations: Any single or combination of hand, arm, foot, leg amputations.

Deaf: The Adaptive Pass if for individuals who legally deaf to totally deaf, having hearing loss of 35 decibels or more in both ears. The pass is not for individuals who have moderate hearing loss.

Cognitive Disabilities: A mental condition that affects the ability to process information and/or coordinate and control the body, which limits the individual’s ability to navigate the mountain safely and independently. Examples of severe cognitive impairments include, but are not limited to traumatic brain injury that results in severe cognitive impairments.

Developmental Disabilities: Autism, Down syndrome, Cerebral palsy, etc.

Physical Disabilities: Any individual with a permanent disability that requires adaptive equipment or adaptive ski technique. Adaptive equipment may include, but is not limited to, mono skis, bi-skis, dual skis, snow bikes, outriggers, ski bras, sliders and tethers.

Individuals who are on social security disability will not automatically qualify for an Adaptive Pass.

Examples of cases that do not qualify: Asthma, unless the individual is dependent on oxygen. Diabetes, unless the individual experiences cognitive unawareness and requires a guide. Severe back pain, unless the individual requires a wheel chair or adaptive equipment. The disability must permanently affect day to day functions.

Once approved, 2022-23 Adaptive Season Pass may be purchased from Telluride Ski & Golf for $595. Ski Pass Insurance may be purchased for an additional cost.

Once we have received and reviewed your initial application (see below) for the Adaptive Season Pass, a TASP Staff member will be in touch. Further documentation or the form linked here may be required from your doctor.

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