photo by Abie Livesay

Telluride Adaptive Sports Program prides itself on being a leader in adventure based therapeutic recreation! The motivation, goals, smiles and personal growth of our clients continually drives our Program to creatively fill the gap between desire and accomplishment.

Every day at TASP, our clients are given the chance to challenge themselves in new ways to higher levels of truly living! We ask that each and every client make that decision for themselves and personally take the responsibility of those actions. We expect clients, parents and/or guardians to ask questions if events or policies are ever unclear.

All participants – including participating friends, family, caregivers, trip leaders, etc. – need to make themselves aware of the current Health Agreement.

TASP asks that all clients strictly follow our Drug, Alcohol and Controlled Substance Policy which states that TASP shall not provide services to individuals who are under the influence of alcohol or any controlled substance for any time during their scheduled activity. We reserve the right to immediately terminate the activity, without refund, if it is determined that a participant is not abiding by these terms.

Striving for new heights and facing the unique challenges along the way comes with certain risks that are inherent and important to the activities we provide. Please expect to face inherent natural, man-made and specialized equipment risks through your participation with TASP and its partnering providers that may result in injury or, in rare cases, may be fatal. If you are opposed to any element of a specific activity we ask you do not participate in it. All clients must sign the Telluride Adaptive Sports Program/Move United Warning, Assumption of Risk, Release of Liability & Indemnification Agreement before directly participating in TASP programming as well as Waivers for participation with partnering outfitters.

Furthermore, TASP is committed to the safety of our participants. Please view our Protection Handbook or the TASP Protection Reporting Form.

Lastly, the staff at Telluride Adaptive Sports would like to thank you for choosing to participate in our program offerings. We know there are many options out there for adaptive recreation and we are humbled you have chosen TASP. This is a responsibility we do not take lightly and urge you to contact our office with any further questions or to customize your time with us.

Please contact TASP for more information.