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Japan has long been a fabled wonderland with such legend surrounding its treasures that even the mere whisper of its name brings a dreamy gaze to the face of every avid skier and rider. Tales of “Japow”, the English term ascribed to the powder producing Japanese mountains, seem to sneak their way into every chairlift ride and après conversation. The island nation, with more ski areas than any other country in the world, has garnered something of celebrity status within ski culture, always being at the top of any skier/rider’s international bucket list. Did we mention it’s incredible snow and remarkable culture?

Telluride Adaptive Sports, always striving to offer the highest level of inclusive opportunity to its participants no matter how extreme or far reaching, has focused its energies on tailoring a brand new offering to adaptive athletes centered around most every skier’s/rider’s biggest dream: skiing Japan. No stranger to international and faraway ski destinations (TASP has hosted ski camps in areas like Chile and Alaska), Telluride Adaptive is excited to individually invite you on this first-in-a-lifetime opportunity for adaptive snowsport enthusiasts from all across North America.


If exploring Japan with like-minded adaptive skiers and riders sounds like your cup of (authentically brewed Japanese) tea, please inquire for more information by emailing Tim McGough at  programs@tellurideadaptivesports.org or calling 970-728-3865

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Japan 2020!