Just for a bit of background: We are a nonprofit that operates in Mountain Village (basically “upper Telluride”) at the base of the Telluride Ski Resort in the heart of the San Juan Mountains.  Our organization works with people of all ages who have some life altering disability or were wounded in the military.

The SkillBridge Apprenticeship program at TASP is a unique and customized position to each individual.  There is only one position available per season.  Although we work with everyone’s schedules understanding of the varying SkillBridge start dates (typically 180 days prior to exit from the military), the summer season starts around May 1st and the winter around November 1st.

This position will generally be split into several parts. The primary focus will be supporting our adaptive military groups and participants, including helping to plan logistics, outcomes, communication with interested participants, and the apprentice themself participates in the activities with the group (things like skiing/snowboarding, ice climbing, catered meals, etc, in the winter; rock climbing, paddle sports, mountain biking, camping, cooking meals, etc, in the summer). The other part of the position will be working with non-military specific duties and clients like helping with administrative tasks, equipment and assisting in instructing for the general adaptive lessons, local youth programs and Special Olympics.  We will provide training opportunities to you for lessons. It would require some nights and weekends, and there would be a few times if working in the summer that you are asked to help on a trip with clients for an entire week.

It is a fun opportunity to work with a diverse group of people with disabilities including directly with other military service members, learn about the operations of a small nonprofit, and gain skills in various outdoor recreation sports in a world-renowned beautiful location. 

Couple things to know from the get-go –

  • Housing is a true challenge around here being located in a box canyon (i.e. Mountains on all sides) and is a hurdle for anyone looking to come to Telluride.  We will help as much as we can!
  • This position does not lead directly to employment.  This is an opportunity to get your foot in the door of adaptive and therapeutic recreation, and will provide experience that is transferable to many different career paths.
  • Also, with Covid-19, there are a lot of unknowns for what next year will look like for our programs.  We can have the best of intentions and are cautiously optimistic in planning what the summer or next winter will look like.  No matter what, you will be a part of our staff and assisting in our program – it just likely will be different than anyone can predict.

If you are interested, please email programs@tellurideadaptivesports.org for more information.