Expand Your Horizons is TASP’s All Mountain Ski and Ride Camp catering to more advanced adaptive skiers and riders.

While having been a success in years past, this years camp was of particular note due to a refresh on approach and structure.  Participants were engaged well before the camp started in order to develop each participant’s specific intentions for their experience with TASP.  With this, coaches throughout the week were able to hone skills and techniques, tailored to each participants’ aspirations, enabling participants to work toward their goals and experience the legendary slopes of Telluride in a new way.

Participants, coaches, and staff were thrilled at the successes that were apparent throughout the week.  This year’s participants, 1 VI skier, 10 monoskiers, and 1 ski biker, were not challenge-shy and fully embraced the spirit of the camp.  Through various group sessions like “Steeps”, “Bumps” and other training opportunities, skiers and riders developed their skill sets to further their overall abilities.  With the addition of several incredible powder days, the excitement of skiing and craving of more challenging terrain was palpable among each participant.


A decidedly successful week for TASP, some notable accomplishments were monoskiers pushing their way up to hike-to terrain and conquering some of Telluride’s steeper offerings.  Other thrilling sights included groups of monoskiers whipping down iconic Telluride trails such as Bushwhacker and the Plunge, the cheers and looks of disbelief from the chairlift as a VI skier elegantly picked his way through moguls, and the excitement of a ski biker trying new techniques amongst new terrain.  All of this energy, challenge, and excitement left participants and coaches alike feeling hugely satisfied with the week.  Add the spray of powder beneath everyone’s skis and the experience was nothing short of unforgettable.