A new year brings new training opportunities at TASP! With a great early season training schedule chalk full of successes and the energy and charisma of our new Training and Snowsports Manager Kendal, there’s even more to look forward to in the upcoming weeks.

So far, we’ve seen exciting discussions in Successful Communications, new and unique ideas in Milestones and Beyond, and plenty of new moves in Skier Improvement clinics.  Coming up, there’s everything from Bi Ski Seat Assist Practice to some very exciting clinics centering around the world of skiing with visual impairments.  

New instructors, come and fill up on all the knowledge there is to be had about the adaptive world! Seasoned instructors, there are new advancements and techniques in our world every year, stay ahead of the curve!


Check out our upcoming clinic offerings on the online calendar.  Sign up happens through your instructor portal and detailed descriptions can be found in the Training Manual.